2022 Metris Getaway Camper Van

Mercedes-Benz vans handle a variety of roles. They can help a business grow or a band start their next tour in style. You can even find a Mercedes-Benz van for camping.

The 2022 Metris Getaway camper van provides drivers with the ability to escape and stay connected to luxury. Keep reading to learn how Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough can help you explore areas beyond Scarborough, Saco, and Portland, Maine.

Van on the Run: A Camper Built for a Getaway

Turn the sound of crickets chirping into the song of your summer. It’s a classic listening experience that delights the eardrums. The 2022 Metris Getaway camper van is built for a summer camping trip.

  • Seats four to five passengers
  • 5,000-pound towing capacity
  • Secondary battery produces additional power

The van makes room for four to five passengers, providing the space that your family needs to escape. Secondary battery power produces additional energy to charge up your smart devices to turn your favorite playlist into the call of the wild.

If you want to bring a boat, you can take advantage of towing capacity that handles up to 5,000 pounds. Drivers can also use that strength to tote camping gear and extra equipment.

Raise the Roof on the 2022 Metris Getaway Camper Van

The most memorable parties always raise the roof. You can shed the restrictions of space with the Mercedes-Benz popup camper. The 2022 Metris Getaway Camper turns every square inch into an evergreen opportunity:

  • Elevated roof with integrated spring system
  • Available solar panels
  • Available roof rack

You can camp without feeling confined to the same space that you just drove in. The pop-up camper has an elevated roof with an integrated spring system. When it is time to sleep underneath the stars, this creates a freeing atmosphere, so you can relax while spending time with your family and friends.

You can also add on to the camper. If you want to stay off the power grid just a little longer, available solar panels recharge the van while you are out fishing. An available roof rack cuts down on runs to the store. You can use the space to pack up what you need and stay put at your favorite spot.

2022 Metris Getaway Camper Van = Home Away From Home

The 2022 Metris Getaway camper van is a home away from home. If rain begins to fall, you can still play cards or sleep without venturing outside.

  • Sleeping area for two
  • 180-degree swiveling front seats and integrated table
  • Rear bench and bed that also sleeps two people
  • Available 8-foot awning
  • Available mosquito screens

The versatile van has a sleeping area for two people. If you are bringing a couple of friends, its rear bench can become a bed that also sleeps two people. With 180-degree swiveling front seats, you can turn your vehicle into a living room inside the friendly confines of the van.

You can sleep with peace of mind, too. Available mosquito screens limit outsiders from entering the cabin while you snooze. You can wake up with the sun after a relaxing night’s rest, ready to find adventure in the 2022 Metris Getaway Camper.

Test Drive a 2022 Metris Getaway Camper Van

Drivers getting ready for a cross-country trip or an immersive weekend experience can complete their journey with a trusted traveling companion.

If you live near Scarborough, Saco, or Portland, ME, you can get a better feel for the 2022 Metris Getaway’s versatility and comfort. Contact us to test drive a 2022 Metris Getaway camper van at Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough.

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