How Much Are Brake Pads?

How Much Are Brake Pads?

Safety is always a top priority among drivers and manufacturers. Thanks to advanced systems and technology, there are tons of ways that your ride helps keep you secure as you tour through Scarborough, Saco, and Portland, Maine. Your first line of defense when the unexpected happens is your brakes, and that’s why it’s important to keep them ready for anything.

If you find yourself wondering, “How much as brake pads?”, then we’re here to help. Brake pads are an essential part of your car’s ability to function, and you can be confident in your drive when they are fresh and ready to go. Our service crew at Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough will help you get your brakes prepared for the many miles of adventure that lie ahead.

What Do Brake Pads Do?

How Much Are Brake Pads?There are a series of parts that act as middlemen between your foot hitting the brake pedal and your tires. While all are equally important, the brake pads have a particularly vital role to play. Brake pads are what make contact with your tires to slow their rotation.

As your wheels spin from your acceleration and builds up speed, it will need more force to stop. Brake pads apply that friction by pressing down and slowing your wheels’ rotation. A brake system without brake pads simply will not function, making these parts essential to your car’s function and health.

What Kinds of Brake Pads Are There?

Depending on your particular model, there are different kinds of brake pads available. These three types are made of different materials and have differences in their performance. They are:

  • Organic brake pads are a cost-effective option for keeping your ride in road-ready condition. They perform reliably by sinking in the heat that is generated from braking.
  • Metallic brake pads have even more heat retention ability. These are made for more performance-oriented drivers.
  • Ceramic brake pads are the ultimate in brake pad design. In addition to being great heat sinks, they are quieter, letting your drive be as smooth and calm as possible.

As you would expect, these different kinds of brake pads have different costs. Investing in higher quality brake pads is a smart decision in the long-term. They ride with you for many miles while giving you excellent performance throughout. They help build up your ride for the excellent drives that your luxury car was made for.

Cost of Brake Pads

How Much Are Brake Pads?When the time comes for your brake pads to be replaced, you can anticipate a cost of around $35–$150 for the parts. This includes all four brake pads for each wheel of your vehicle. Getting them replaced by a professional is always a good plan, as they are trained for the job. Our certified technicians will make sure your new brake pads are set and ready to go.

While you’re at our service center, our crew can inspect the rest of your brake system. Optimal brake fluid levels and rotor alignment are also required for healthy brakes. You can schedule your visit online for added convenience!

Get New Brake Pads from Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough

A fresh set of brake pads will have you ready to explore all that Scarborough, Saco, and Portland, ME, have to offer. Contact us at Mercedes-Benz of Scarborough and schedule your service visit today!

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