What is Included in a Battery Replacement?

June 18th, 2021 by

When you schedule a battery replacement appointment at Prime Motor Cars, you can expect three things: removing and recycling the old battery, replacing the battery case, and installing a new battery. We always use the proper Mercedes-Benz parts, tools, and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Plus, we proudly service clients in Scarborough, Saco, Falmouth, Cape Elizabeth, Portland, Freeport, and beyond. When you’re ready for a battery replacement, be sure to schedule service online.

Battery Maintenance at Prime Motor Cars in Scarborough

If you need a battery check or maintenance, don’t hesitate to make your way to Prime Motor Cars in Scarborough. Your Mercedes-Benz battery is responsible for starting your car and running the technology. With new cars becoming more futuristic, having a high-performance battery is more important than ever.

We recommend getting your battery checked at Prime Motor Cars once every six months to ensure it’s in good condition. Now, let’s discuss some common battery questions.

Commonly Asked Battery Maintenance Questions

How do I know it’s time for a new battery?
You’ll know it’s time for a new battery if your car takes longer to start than usual or the technology is acting faulty. As mentioned above, if you get your battery checked once every six months, we should be able to catch when your battery is about to expire ahead of time.

How much does a new battery cost?
A new battery for your car or SUV can cost anywhere from $80 to upwards of $200, depending on the Mercedes-Benz model and year.

How long does a battery replacement take?
A battery replacement at Prime Motor Cars will take anywhere from 15 to 25 minutes. It is a generally quick procedure that your car should only need once every three-five years.

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